Poetry of the Soul

Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn. ~Thomas Gray

Faith is a gift from God March 29, 2010

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What does faith give to the

One Republic for which I

Stand above it all waiting

For the world to change

As I catch a falling star and

Put it in saving in case of

Natural disasters affect

Thousands of children are

Dying of Aids so we wear

Pink and jog laps around

You so don’t think you

Can do it America wants only

You can prevent forest

Fired for sleeping with a

Woman’s choice bill chosen

You Pikachu with my poké-

Ball rolling down hill at

Age fifty the story of my

Life is a gift from God so

Don’t screw it up.

(c) Lauren Otheim – 2010

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lessons from dance

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walking to the dance studio

the soles of my shoes ripped half back

so they make the slap – slap – slap

on pavement.

you’d think i was on my way

to water ballet by the wet feeling

between my toes as the holes

let in puddles.

a raindrop drops on my nose

and i wonder what my parents would

say if i got a diamond piercing

right where the cool sensation lingers

on my skin.

(c) Lauren Otheim – 2010

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Poverty Sits like a Widescreen Tv March 5, 2010

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on the front porch of No Hope.

rain pouring down on an unsuspecting

loud gathering of people that over power

the garbles that the tv distorts through

the drip drop dripping of water on speakers

that are so tall you can’t see over them to

the clouds above.

three walls with one window where

the other should be but isn’t

so that we can all sit and stare at No Hope

and Poverty tv through the blaring rain.

a Piece of Cake is passed around No Hope to

be drooled over but not eaten because

how can forty people eat one Piece of Cake?

they wish they could wake up and leave

Poverty tv and No Hope

to one Piece of Cake job.

(c) Lauren Otheim – 2010

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Wish, Wash, Wheeze March 4, 2010

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all around the tiddely-dee

the elves danced with a careless glee

while all around the mushroom ring

the pixies and fairies all took wing.

with a trill-la-la and boom-ba-da-bing

the band strikes up with fiddles and strings

and creeping up the pick-a-dily

i stopped and hid behind a lily.

my eyes poked out and my ears did too

but my nose was covered, which was, Oh! too true

for that one silly lily

it tickled my nose

till the strangest sensation ran down through my toes

and darn flip flop it

how I tried to stop it

but with a


and a Wash

and a Wheeze!

out of my head came the most gigantemous sneeze.

well the fairies all stopped,

the pixies they glared,

and the elves, the elves!

oh how they stared.

and then, and then with a hop and a leap,

the swish of a hand

and one single wink

the lot of them:

elves, pixies fairies and all

were gone before i could blink.

(c) Lauren Otheim – 2010

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I hope you all enjoyed something a little different this week!  This was a little out of my typical genre!

Wow!  What an honor to receive this again!  I want send a big thank you out

to Brian Miller and Yousei Hime for nominating me!

I really appreciate this!

I would also like to nominate Michelle Spector

of Art Is My Religion for this weeks

Poetry Rally!

Thank you Jingle for bringing us all together!