Poetry of the Soul

Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn. ~Thomas Gray

New Poetry May 9, 2011

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I randomly came across this site, Gabriel Gadfly, today and found one of my new favorite poems, “Why I Hate Reading Maps.”

I don’t want to take the liberty of reproducing her words here, so please visit the link!  If you like my poems, I promise you’ll like this one as well.  Happy visiting!


Buried May 1, 2011

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What is kept in your attic?
Wonder about personal
history is asleep in boxes.
Dust piled up on taped over
openings, closed against prying
children, all grown up.
After death comes spring cleaning
all the secrets bandaged in bubble wrap.
When piecing together a life
where better to start than dark corners?

(c) Lauren Otheim – 2011