Poetry of the Soul

Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn. ~Thomas Gray

Please Read Tomorrow August 11, 2010

Filed under: poetry — laurenmichelleotheim @ 11:30 pm

I procrastinate. Sigh. I am so good at procrastinating.
It is the only thing I can not do, and still be good at.
It’s a paradox. And I have always liked paradoxes. Does that make me one?
But mostly I’ve always wanted to be an enigma.
I’m not quite sure why, which is quite enigmatic in itself.
Maybe it’s because I bounce around from productivity
to complete
Maybe it’s because I often find myself putting off the things I want to do.
It’s as if they scare me. But why?
If I want to do them, why?
Why? Why? Why? Why? WHY?
Oh the questions of the universe.
Writing. What sets me free from everyday boredom. What gives me wings.
I can be anything I want. It supports everything.
Including the fear of failure.

(c) Lauren Otheim – 2010
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11 Responses to “Please Read Tomorrow”

  1. Maybe, at times, procrastination is gestation.
    Put off long enough maybe was not so important?
    I used to worry about procrastination until I analyzed
    and thought ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’.

  2. Nice and great thought about procrastination πŸ™‚ I used to do it last tim especially while doing assignments XD, but tend to get rushy and anxious at the last minute, which is not really great =X I learnt my lesson and thank for sharing^^~

  3. brian Says:

    i feel the same about writing…it si freedom and i prbably procrastinate doing it more than i should….

  4. Jingle Says:

    amazing job!

  5. buttercup600 Says:

    Ditto on this one…soooo resonates. Well written dear friend x

  6. trisha Says:

    sometimes we all procrastinate πŸ™‚
    lovely reminder.

  7. Jingle Says:


    help visit a long time Poets Rally member celebrate her twin babies’ birthday today,
    all the best!
    Thank you in advance!

  8. Jingle Says:

    pick three awards from my post,
    pass them to 1 to 10 blogging friends with whom you believe that they deserve them.
    have fun!
    Take good care.

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