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Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn. ~Thomas Gray

Maple Tree Me Audio July 19, 2010

Filed under: poetry — laurenmichelleotheim @ 11:45 pm

WordPress has a new feature! (Fan girl scream!) You can now phone in and post an audio! This means you can post a podcast to your blog from virtually anywhere with cellphone service. I know this recording is not the best (people are sleeping in my house, I couldn’t be very loud…) but I wanted to give it a try, so here it is! The related poem is written out below and this is simply an audio of me reading it aloud. I am considering reposting some of my sound poems with this tool. Please leave me feedback! What do you think of: 1) the new feature, 2) posting poem recordings

Thanks Willie and Jingle for the awards!


23 Responses to “Maple Tree Me Audio”

  1. buttercup600 Says:

    I might just try this too!! Awesome…I so love your voice! Congrats on the award girlfriend!! ~ Amanda x

  2. barrycyrus Says:

    Love yer cutesy voice! 🙂

  3. brian Says:

    haha. fun to hear your voice…it helps in reading your poetry and fun int he words you accentuate…

  4. Jingle Says:

    cute and fun to know the new feature…

  5. Brett Says:

    Audio poetry! I love it – absolutely love it!

    I’ve only had the chance to play around with the audio thing once so far but it certainly does have some potential. I know one lady who uses it as a welcome to her blog and she also compliments iPhone videos with it.

    Of all the creative things I’ve seen so far, audio poetry is my favourite – and you’re the only one that’s done it that I know of. Super cool ~

    I’ve got you added to the Readomattic thingy and would love to hear some more poetry. My poetry buddies will be thrilled when I tell them what I’ve found here!!!

    Have a lovely day Ms. and please, please continue with the good stuff!

    • Readomattic? Sounds exciting! I have no idea what it is! haha 🙂 I’ll have to find out.

      And thank you! Your comment is super wonderful! I’ve always enjoyed reading poetry aloud the most, so it only made sense to try it once this awesome tool came out. Thanks for the recommendations!

  6. Dani H Says:

    I’m one of Brett’s “Poetry Buddies” and I am thrilled indeed! I LOVE your reading! Absolutely FABulous! I must thank Brett for leading me to your site.

  7. trisha Says:

    congratulations for the award.

  8. Naomi Says:

    Absolutely delightful, Lauren! Thanks also to Brett for the introduction to your lovely blog 🙂

  9. Jingle Says:

    Hello, How are you?
    You are invited to attend Thursday Poets Rally, despite that fact that you are also represented as one of the fresh poets,

    Thanks for the attention!
    Happy Wednesday!

  10. Jingle Says:

    Hello, friend, how are you?

    I invite you to our Monday Poetry Potluck Party,
    We have other features such as poem of the week, poetry blog of the week, and poet of the week, plus Sunday poetry news dispatch, if you attend our Monday Party, there is a chance that you poetry or you as a promising poet are represented by one of our officials, and your talent will be highlighted or exposed to wider audience,

    No specific rules, simply linking in 1 to 3 poems, it could be an old poem, let us read and comment for you. Feel free tasting other poetry treats, all enjoyable experience…


    Click on the link, you will see a blue button, click on the blue button, you will see three boxes, your specific poem link to be placed in first, then your name or blog name, then your email connected to your blog….

    Happy Belated Monday!
    Let the fun begin!

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