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Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn. ~Thomas Gray

House On A Hill October 20, 2009

Filed under: poetry — laurenmichelleotheim @ 8:20 pm

I want a house on a hill                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             with gardens and benches neatly landscaped with twinkle light trees and green-blue fairy glow orbs.  I want swings in the tall whispery grass and a shushing pond with construction site orange fish.  I want a hand holding nook and a climb-to-the-top-and-kiss-in-the-twilight tree, but most of all I want a little brown-stick-in-the-mud path meant just for me.  And down my winding squishy-scooshy path I’ll twirl but not until the moon claims her elegance and the stars unfurl.  Then down through the twinkle trees and the whisper grass and past the curling swirling sleeping flowers and underneath the kissing tree I’ll traipse down my little path until I’m lost in a greater reverie.  I’ll run through the criss-cross branches and pick berries off a blushing bush and I’ll stuff myself so full of ink stain fruit that I’ll curl up under a hollow tree and tell stories to the wise old owl who lives on top.  And when he’s heard so many that the holes in his ears are bound to pop then I’ll crawl back out in the deep black sky and serenade the stars as the wind passes by.  I’ll howl to the wolves and I’ll walk like a bear and chase a mountain lion round it’s lair.  And when I’m tired and my limbs ache with life I’ll blow goodnight kisses to the bright firefly that guided me home down my little mud path and up through the garden till the sun kisses the top of my house on a hill.

(c) Lauren Otheim – 2009

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5 Responses to “House On A Hill”

  1. CHRIS Says:

    This is really good! Though I must say I do not recommend the chasing the mountain lion around it’s lair, that’s a good way to get mauled : p

  2. Jon Says:

    You know, i can’t even quite explain why i like this so much… But i do. Kept me smiling from start to finish, well done artist.

  3. laurenmichelleotheim Says:

    Thank you, guys! Haha, and I’ll keep that in mind, Chris. Thanks, Jon! I felt like I needed to write a purely innocent/happy/childish one, I very rarely do that.

  4. Jon Says:

    Childish? no no, I thought the imagery was complex and refreshing! My favorite poem of yours for sure

  5. laurenmichelleotheim Says:

    Haha, well by childish, I meant the lens, not the words, but thank you! I couldn’t hope for higher praise. 🙂

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