Poetry of the Soul

Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn. ~Thomas Gray

Color My Thoughts May 11, 2009

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Color My Thoughts

By Lauren Otheim

An orange thought

Rises on the horizon.

Warm and fuzzy

It envelopes the entire world.

A brown idea

Floats in a cup of hot chocolate

Creamy and rich

It fills your whole body.

A blue ponderance

Drifts through the clouds

Bright and careless

It wraps around the birds.

A green musing

Sways in the wind

Living and fresh

It caresses the tree tops.

A black threat

Encroaches the sky

Bold and daring

It cracks through the air.

A red scream

Rips through your veins

Rampant and truthful

It runs through your life

The one thing never changing.

(c) Lauren Otheim – 2009

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